Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ask Good Questions

Josh Hunt makes a living telling people how to double their Sunday School classes by asking good questions.

Rick Warren wrote about the purpose driven church. Now he writes everything with 40 days in mind.

Thom Ranier wrote a book called Simple Church.

It would appear that on the minds of the powers that be is the guilt, or grief, that we have somehow missed the mark in Christendom concerning our churches. We have discussed here the issues surrounding church growth emphases whose sole purpose is to add numbers but not health. We have discussed the problem of educating believers without praxis.

My determination is that the Great Commission demands a balance that moves people to maturity. So many have defined stages of maturity over the years, but how are we to do that? Humanity develops physically through the aging process, emotionally through relationships, and spiritually through good questions.

Community to Connected: relational questions
Connected to Congregated: evangelistic questions

Once we get them in we have usually stopped asking questions. Let us develop good questions to see cultivation and commissioning occuring more and more frequently.

What are some good questions?