Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Africa Day 1-2

Another year has come and gone and there are 4 men in Africa again. We have been praying and preparing for this day pretty much since we left last year. There were two things that really caused us anxiety in the past two weeks: political issues and weather. The politics are in negotiations and we were assured that there have been no problems. The weather began to set in at O'hare and then in Kansas and Oklahoma. We began to be concerned whether we would make it or not but the roads were cleared and everything went fairly smoothly.


Our travel began at 6:30 am as we loaded up the suburban and went to Wichita. I want to thank Amy Hall for driving us to the airport again this year. Being the morning person she is I know it was not as hard for her as it was for us...haha! As we went through security an odd thing and a regular thing happened.

The regular item was that Pete was "randomly" selected for review. This is usual. In fact, he was randomly selected at every transfer. That is some kind of random, but thatwoudl lead to a whole other discussion...let's not today! Honestly, he took it in stride though it did get annoying for him and I understand. The odd thing was that I got selected for a search as well. i have traveled for 20 years and this was the first time. Probably won't be the last!

Chicago was our next hurdle since we only had a 45 minute layover and left late. As we landed we prepared to sprint through two terminals to reach our next flight before the gate closed. As I rounded a corner sucking wind hard...I caught a glimpse of the departure monitors. They had delayed our flight for 20 minutes! We were able to slow down grab some lunch and board calmly.


As we landed in Newark we needed to get our boarding tickets. Our ticket agent was able to get our passes all the way through to Niamey. He also informed us that our luggage was checked all the way through. We all looked at each other and simply smiled. We would be able to go through Paris customs with only our carry-ons!


Our final leg of the journey was the hardest because we were tired! The good doctor was selected again and then we had some coffee. Our arrival in Niamey was uneventful except for the discovery that the suitcase with Bill's clothes was not on the plane! We are praying that it arrives on Thursday. Pray with us! We all came through customs easily.

I have praised God for a number of things because it is He who guided us all the way through and provided a smooth path. God watched over us and will watch over us. When we left it was 20 degrees and now it is 90. What a difference!

Tomorrow we pack up for the bush where we have no electricity. I will catch everyone up when we get back. The first set of pictures will come with that update.


Monday, December 28, 2009

To the Ends of the Earth

The godly are like trees that bear life-giving fruit, and those who save lives are wise. Proverbs 11:30

I am writing this as I sit in the Wichita, KS terminal waiting to go to the ends of the earth. Yesterday I challenged the people as I was challenged by God that for the next 21 days we would find ways to tell the story of Jesus and call people to turn over their lives to God. We have been called to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the Earth. While four of us go to the ends of the Earth you might be in one of the other areas. We are going to share the story of Jesus and call for decisions.

Will you where you are?

The 21-day challenge and Proverbs 11:30 call us to do three things:

1. Plant yourself in the word of God not your own wisdom.

2. Bear spiritual fruit not personal fruit

3. Win souls to Jesus

On January 17, let’s praise God by seeing people profess new faith in Jesus! What a divine moment it will be hearing from you how you helped people turn their lives over to Jesus! God will receive so much honor and glory and we will be blessed in the process. To hear how someone turned their life over to Jesus brings chills and excitement, right?

How do we do this? How do we help someone turn their life over to God? How do we find that person? What do we do? Here are a few tips:

1. Initiate a conversation

2. Relate with the person and develop trust

3. Communicate the love of God through actions and words

4. Deviate the conversation to spiritual dimensions

5. Elevate to Jesus and bring them to decision

I am going to Africa because God told me to go and lead others. We are going because each of us feel God has called us to go. There are many reasons not to go, but there is one that overrides them all: God said go. When God calls we are to obey in spite of current events and feelings. God is calling you to go also. He wants you to talk to the one across the hall, across the street, across the room. He wants you to win souls because he that wins souls is wise.

In all the ways you could resolve to add to or change your life this month, do so about sharing the message of God’s love to a hurting world around you. You are in your Jerusalem. Win it for Jesus in the next 21 days.

Are you ready? GO!