Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mark the Moments of Today

Much of our culture wants to live for today. I suggest that we live in today. One word makes all the difference. Living for today means that the choices made do not take into consideration the past or the future. A person living for today is only concerned about today. The experiences of the past are not guiding him. Thoughts of the repercussions are not guiding him either.

A recent episode of Life has an office romance in the middle of the investigation. They were not supposed to have an affair. Because they lived for today they fell in love without any thought to the issues of the past or the future. She winds up pregnant. During the investigation the truth is revealed. When asked why she did not tell the police this portion of the story, she replied that she was afraid of losing her job and insurance.

She just didn't think everything through, apparently. Living for today just doesn't think things through completely.

I believe God wants us to live in today. We are to live in the world, but not be of the world. God wants us to take into consideration all that we have experienced and apply that knowledge to today's needs in light of future goals. Living in today, for the church, means to understand our heritage but not to get stuck in it. The church becomes regulatory when she forgets in what decade/century she is living.

"Why, back in my day we dressed up for church. " So the glares and stares happen towards those who do not "suit up".

"There was a time when this church was packed. These parents today just don't get it." Now the glares and stares come when they do come to church because they are not there every time there is church.

The church must mark the moments of today. She must understand from whence she has come but apply that knowledge to today's need for relationship and family. The church exists in a society that yearns for relational authenticity. Brandon Heath expresses a change of view in his song Give Me Your Eyes.

Marking the moments of today realizes that times have changed, but loving God and loving others is still the same mandate of God. May we see others through the filter of God's love and not our prejudice. Our actions and words condemn quickly. The initial judgment of a person often causes us to pre-determine what they can and cannot be in our kingdom. In reality, we are to see the potential of what everyone can become in God's kingdom as it is played out through the local church. The great commandment is more than just being tolerant of others. We are called to love, accept, nurture, befriend others.

May we take the responsibility of marking today as an opportunity to love God by loving others in whatever way God chooses.