Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unleashing God

Have you ever watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show?

It is amazing to watch how these dogs stand so still while the handlers primp and prep them for the upcoming show. The dogs will jump through hoops, run up and down ramps, through obstacles, and more at the command of the handler. Later they will be walked, on a leash, by the handler and obey every command, receiving treats for good behavior. The dogs by this time probably do not know any better but is that what they were designed to do?

What of they were unleashed? What if they were freed to do what they were created to do? There might be more pleasure and enjoyment in our life.

Too many people treat God like those dogs by putting Him on a leash and leading Him around. It is expected that God would obey every one of our commands. We give praise when He obeys, possibly treating Him with a tithe or ministry project. We become frustrated when He does not do what we command. We tell Him when to come, when to bless, when to curse, when to provide, when to be excessive, when to stay, when to leave.

What would happen if we unleashed God? What if we freed Him to do what He wants to do?

We are not the handlers we are being taught that we are. We are to be followers of God not leaders of Him. If God were unleashed power and majesty would once again reign supreme. If God were unleashed the church would become relevant in an ever-changing culture. If God were unleashed churches would be reaching, evangelizing, growing, changing the very face of their community instead of plateauing and shrinking.

If God were unleashed...

If God were simply unleashed...

Everything would be better.

Unleash God in your life today!