Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Africa Day 10

After the Bush taxi's clutch nearly went out yesterday I had a long discussion with the coordinator as to whether we would use it or not. We finally agreed to use it with the guarantee it would be fixed by this morning. As it arrived, we knew it was the same vehicle but it did sound much improved. We packed up and began the journey toward Doutouwel. We were in this area last year though we would not be in the village "limits" this time but out in the "burbs". As we were traveling, the carburetor began acting up. We stopping and he cleaned it out and away we went! The ride to this location was bumpy but we survived. Minor concussions...haha!

This area had a school and a clinic so we felt we were uptown! The clinic was small but functional. Once set-up, Pete and Bill began seeing patients around 10:15. We had all agreed that today we would be done by 4:00 so we could return at a decent hour. Pete shifted into hurry-up mode about 3:30. he had been averaging about 6/hr. He saw 8 in the last 30 minutes! He is very interested in getting everyone seen and he did.

While they were working in the clinic, Chuck and I went walking to a nearby compound. Our local host wanted us to visit the local pastor. We were well-greeted and invited into the "church" hut. We gathered and began discussing a variety of topics. As preachers, we talked about our last Sunday's sermons and what we were teaching our people in their walk with Jesus. Chuck jumped in the conversation and beautifully expressed the disciple's cross material I had been sharing with the other village's. There was another pastor present as well and he began asking a couple of questions concerning OT passages on their meaning. I had the chance to share why Hosea was told to marry an adulteress. God wanted to show how much He loved Israel even though she was in adultery with other idols. We also talked about some practical concepts of parenting from the story of Isaac and Jacob and Esau. Lunch was brought in and normally we, meaning the Americans, would not eat it for fear of sickness. Yet, I felt a peace from God about eating this time. The feeling was so strong it was as if God told me to trust Him today. So...I ate. I was proud of Chuck, he took a bite too.

We returned to the clinic to relieve them for lunch. Afterwards, Chuck and I broke out the frisbees and spent time with the kids and teens throwing frisbees and showing God's love. Later he broke out Bessie and presented the Gospel. Pete mentioned that we might want to give a dental lesson while they were all together, so we did that as well.

We wrapped up the day just after 4pm and were heading out by 4:20. Michelle had Hamstatud prepare a beef vegetable stew and cornbread for us tonight and we felt like we ate like kings.

Another great day in Africa!
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