Sunday, January 03, 2010

Africa Day 4 Redo

Today was a FULL CLINIC DAY!!

I got up and started the coffees for the guys about 6:45. After arising slowly we got the kinks worked out of ourselves and slowly prepared for the day. Once the interpreters arrived we prayed and started out.

30 km can be a really long time on African roads. Listen as Pete seems to describe it very well in only the way Pete can! It took an hour to get to our destination.

Lilo has had 4 generations of people. Its name comes from the harvest of the first millet crop. When the first settlers arrived there were trees everywhere. They cut cut for fields and planted a crop they did not believe would grow. At the harvest, the gathering was so plentiful they proclaimed, "Lilo", which means one seed produced much on a stalk.

Before opening the clinic Pete gave his preventative dental lesson and away we went. While he and Bill worked on over 35 people, Chuck and I went to the village. As we walked we had a choice of two directions. God led us to the left and what an opportunity it was. We approached some men and began talking to them and explaining why we were in the village. I told them that we would love to know more about their life and village. As a result, we found ourselves in an open air hut with 20 people. For the next 90 minutes we shared about Jesus and the difference He can make in their lives. From creation to the cross and our choice. I led the group in a prayer of confession and salvation. I am not sure if any accepted Jesus that day, but the truth is in their hands, hearts, and heads. It is difficult in this culture to call for a public decision because of the potential hazard to them. We pray and share with them and hope for the best. I am sure Cherry will return and follow-up since this is a focus town in 2010.

After lunch we were able to witness a baby-naming ceremony. At 7 days old the head is shaved and baby prepared for naming. Mommy and baby stay in the hut while the men of the village gathered to pray for the child. How wonderful would it be if the men of our church gathered to pray for every new child and family?

We got back on the "road" about 6pm and raced sunset. We arrived just after dusk to homemade sauce over stew. After a good bucket bath and bowl of food we felt like new men?? I distinctly heard the sweet siren call of the bed and couldn't resist any longer.

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