Sunday, July 04, 2010

How God Responds: Direction

How many times have we stood gazing into the future wondering what to do today? Like this picture, we so often find ourselves stuck. We don't know what to do. Do I change jobs? Do I marry this person? Do I move, purchase, leave, serve? There are so many decisions that need to be made. Having the patience to ask, seek, and knock and wait for the answer is tough.

What if an added stress is involved? There is severe loss whether it is life, job, or security. This stress complicates our thinking and ability to choose wisely. I always go back to that young couple who say they want to know what God wants concerning their lives and whether they should be married. However they complicate things and make the way fuzzy because of pre-marital sexual involvement. The fall-back code is "they love each other". I am sure they think they do love each other however they are complicating the issue and the validity of their future together because of the added stress of emotions and physical involvement.

Luke records for us in Acts chapter 1 that Jesus has returned to the Father. The followers are gathering together and praying. They have no clue what they should do, so the pray. The keep asking, seeking, and knocking and wait for God's response. He responds with wisdom and now direction. They needed to know what to do and what steps to take. Peter rises before the crowd and begins to lay out a plan of action.

20 Peter continued, "This was written in the book of Psalms, where it says, 'Let his home become desolate, with no one living in it.' It also says, 'Let someone else take his position.'*
21 "So now we must choose a replacement for Judas from among the men who were with us the entire time we were traveling with the Lord Jesus—22 from the time he was baptized by John until the day he was taken from us. Whoever is chosen will join us as a witness of Jesus' resurrection."
23 So they nominated two men: Joseph called Barsabbas (also known as Justus) and Matthias.24 Then they all prayed, "O Lord, you know every heart. Show us which of these men you have chosen25 as an apostle to replace Judas in this ministry, for he has deserted us and gone where he belongs."26 Then they cast lots, and Matthias was selected to become an apostle with the other eleven.

God responds with direction. Do you have questions? Do you need direction? God will respond to those who keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking until He responds. How bad do you want to know? Make God your first resort. Use your other resources as a way for God to inspire you. Wait upon God and He will respond with the direction you need for the best life, which is what God wants for you anyway!!


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  6. I am need of direction,direction for a total of 5 years, my heart crys for it. Trying to figure out what I had done wrong, asking for answers to my questions. Praying, crying, fears have plagued my days, from morning to night. To come across your last posting, helped me. Thank you

  7. Dear God, ever since I returned home from Perth six years ago, I have stopped being around Christians. my family and church do not pray; they only hold parties. Thankfully I graduated. But I now need a job. Also, I never knew I could become so lost, with such a big church like mine and 100% family-members go to church. I really need help, and have been desperate for six years already. I dont know what Aaron Summers means when he says keep on asking...six years really look very long for a person living in depression. I dont know how to get help from You. But I hope like Summers says, you will respond with directions I need. Please help me God. Meiyi

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