Saturday, January 09, 2010

Africa Day 13

Today was the CANOE TRIP!!!

I can tell you that not everyone was excited about this...Pete. He doesn't like canoes and expressed that to us at times. We had a missionary with us today and we floated off to the island for ministry. Around march the river drops enough that you can drive to this location but that was not the case today. As you will see in the pictures, the river is wide and the canoe seemed small. The driver loaded us in two boats and we were guided up river and then across fighting the current all the way. It was a peaceful ride watching the river flow gently. As we approached the bank the optical illusion was a little unnerving as it seemed the land was moving away from us. it was eerie! The return trip was much faster since we had the current with us the whole way.

We worked out of the school that is there. We found about 50 kids hanging out and a couple of people wanting care. Once we settled in and set up shop Pete gathered them all up and spoke about brushing their teeth and the big bad enemy of sugar. He took a stroll while we gathered patients since his back is giving him much grief. They soon gathered and we got started at 10:30. A little over 2 hours and 21 people later we packed up and headed back across the river. We ate lunch on the run nearly and headed across town to an area Cherry knew about and asked if we would help. There were 8 people who were helped and they were very thankful. There appreciation was so vast in comparison to other days that it made for a good last stop.

We returned knowing that we only have one more day until we fly home! Pete will look at the Riggs' kids and Bilo tomorrow afternoon and then it is off to dinner and prepare to go to the airport.
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