Sunday, January 10, 2010

Africa Day 14

It's the Final Countdown

Sorry, music from the 80's just surfaced out of nowhere. I do understand that some will say that song was never really just popped in.

Anyway, today is the packing up day. We spent the morning sleeping in and packing up. I led us in a Bible discussion of the Beattitudes. In the afternoon Pete looked at one of our interpreters and the Riggs' two children. We did a little final shopping and then supper.

It is really a slow day in comparison to the others. We haven't had to bust it out to make it someplace for a day of ministry today. I am glad though because the plane trip home is a long and arduous process. To have this day be restful...hmmm...the Bible says something about that doesn't it? a nice opportunity.

We are all very glad to have been a part of God's plans these past two week but are also ready to be at home. Now that the day has arrived it seems like forever to get to the midnight flight out of Africa! Somehow we have to balance restful with anxious. Pray for us as we travel. There is heightened security along the way but no real threats.

How has God worked? We will be sharing the answer to that question on January 24th at 6pm. No doubt, many of you will already sense and have heard about a movement of God in our lives, but we will formally share the trip with you on the 24th during the evening service.

May God bless!!

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