Monday, January 04, 2010

Africa Day 6 - Saturday


Cherry Faile grew up in Western Africa as a missionary kid. She herself came to the mission field in Yemin and then in Ghana. For the past 8 years she has been the nurse and missionary for this village and surrounding area. She is a wonderful, amazing, loving Christian woman who has striven to bring Jesus, by herself, to a male-dominated world. She has earned the right and trust to be heard by all.

We awoke grumpy, sneezy, and sleepy. The other 4 dwarves were not far behind!! Actually we were sore and stiff fromt he cots but eager to address the needs of the day. After some much needed coffee, we went our separate ways.

Chuck went on a walking tour of several villages and covered at least 6 miles. He was able to pray with many people. He held a baby and as soon as he took her she wet him! He also went fishing and saw mud bricks being made all before lunch!

Pete and bill went to the clinic and began working on the 50+ people needing to be seen. Except for a short time while Bill ate lunch and I worked, I don;t know much about what happened. Pete's stomach is very bad. He powered through the pain and kept working and felt better by the end of the day. Though he may have a tough and rough exterior this man has a big heart and love for helping people. Once again, I am awed by his desire and skill in the face of pain and diversity!


I spent the morning teaching the believers how to follow Jesus. I used John 15 as a model and we talked about many ways to follow Jesus.

During the evening Chuck and I went to a village and showed the Jesus film. We had many arrive to watch the story and life of Jesus though none made professions of faith.
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