Monday, January 04, 2010

Africa Day 7 - Sunday

The morning came quickly after having been up late the night before for the movie. We were keyed up and did not go to bed quickly. Today was worship and pack up day from the bush to head back to the city. Pete and Bill had a few more patients to tend to before we left so they left out for the clinic while we went to church.

Pete had a little girl that needed a filling but had come in for an extraction. He just couldn't do that to her since it was not bad enough for extraction and could be filled instead.

Chuck and I went to church and we had some singing, praying and preaching. I preached on the temptation of Jesus and how He resisted. I wanted them to see that the Word of God is sufficient for our needs.

We packed up and started home about noon. It took about 2 hours to get home and another hour to unpack and settle back in to the guest house. I started blogging to catch up and the internet is so slow it takes a long time. We left out for supper at the rec center again. The boys need a Niamey burger which is just like a...

Have a great day! We sure did!
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