Monday, January 04, 2010

Africa Day 8

A brand new week! How can God work miracles this week?

We started out running a tad late today but no worries. We are using a bush taxi for our travels this week and it is "like" using the church van, only worse! The driver is kind and helped us pack the top before leaving. We made several stops before leaving town this morning.
  • Fuel
  • Bread and Nutella
  • Fuel
  • Transport papers

The reason for stopping twice for fuel is that after the first time the driver informed me that if we are going to Bokki it would take more fuel. So we stopped and bought more fuel. Meanwhile the driver had to acquire certain papers to be hauling people outside of town so we waited a while for him before actually leaving town. We decided that we could buy some bread and Nutella for certain members of the team and they would be satisfied while also conserving our MRE's to last the week. I haven't been eating one for lunch trying to conserve, just picking the unopened portions of them and snacking.

Once all the errands were finished we headed out of town for the 1.5 hour ride to Bokki. The clinic is very nice and had an attached shaded area where Pete and Bill worked today. Melissa is an IMB missionary who has just returned but is unable to go all the way to her home in NE Niger just yet. She went and worked the door to the clinic for us. Every person that wants to be seen must pay 500 CFA which equates to just over a dollar. All the money is collected and returned into the community through various projects. Pete had a killer day today because several were difficult cases in tight spots. Kris' sister joined them today. She was OB nurse and is now a school nurse. She assisted beautifully with cleaning and prep.

Chuck and I went on a walk after being dropped off and visited with a Muslim priest named Mamane Amadou. We discussed several things about life and God. We agreed to a point and then he wasn't interested anymore. I did discover that Bokki comes from the name of tree leaves that were first sold at the market in town. It is from these leaves that the community acquired its name.

After a long and warm day we packed it all up and took the 1.5 hour journey to Niamey. Bill witnessed to one of our interpreters all the way home. Meanwhile, Chuck, Pete, and I had a rousing discussion of Bible backgrounds and religious politics. Woo Hoo!!
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